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October 2018

Ultra Modern Bathrooms

The areas of pleasure of those who do not retire from carrying your passion for technology to the bathroom. The designs combined with technology and bathroom create a sense of space. Designers could not stop using all the blessings of technology in the bathroom areas!

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Recessed Bathtubs #bathtub #bathroomremodel #recessedbathtub | www.homedecotrends.com

New Trend in Bathrooms: Recessed Bathtubs

As time progresses, bath culture and designs are changing. Getting used to different designs beyond our habits sometimes can be shorter than expected. These designs, which we are used to seeing in the hotel’s suite rooms until a few years ago, are now a guest in the bathroom of our homes. These new designs appear to be more common, both in terms of appearance and aesthetics, as well as being useful.

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Different Sink Designs #bathroomremodel #sinkdesign #bathroomdesign| www.homedecotrends.com

Different Sink Designs

If you are bored with classic sinks, if you want to make a difference, the sinks here are for you. Different designed sinks are an important element in the decoration of bathrooms. Designers working to differentiate the sinks are sometimes inspired by a swan sometimes in a leaf. The sinks that change the flow of water provide a surprising effect.

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Black Bathroom Design

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Two strong colors. Black and white. If you want to match the colors in the extreme, you can start by looking at the tried-out designs. Modern, country, vintage. It’s not hard to catch so many styles with these two colors.

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Bathtub Models

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Raging traffic, all-day meetings, long phone calls, reports. Throwing ourselves into the bathroom after a busy day is one of the biggest therapies. For the detox of both the body and the soul. To spoil yourself, to keep comfort and aesthetics at the forefront, the bathtubs are the highlight of the bathrooms. If you want to renew your bathroom for fun, excitement, comfort and peace, or to have a new bathroom in your  home, we offer you a wide range of bathtubs.

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