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February 2019

Small Bathroom Models That Will Inspire You

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Bathroom decorations and bathroom models are among the most explored topics of homeowners. Especially with the emergence of much better bathrooms compared to the past, the owners of the bathroom models are becoming more and more dominant. For this reason we, as an Architect at Home, have compiled the most beautiful bath models from all over the world in this content. In addition to presenting examples, we also tried to offer you suggestions from the experts about bathroom decoration. We hope that we can bring out inspirational content. Let’s start watching the delightful baths.

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Best Home Potted Plants and Flowers

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Plants, flowers for your home are extremely beautiful decoration arguments. As it will add power to your decoration, the flowers have great effects for your health and inner peace. We have prepared a detailed flower guide, flower decoration ideas and flower growing suggestions in our content. We think it will inspire you.

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Accordion Door Models

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With the shrinkage of the houses, practical solutions have started to increase. Especially foldable, dragable applications are becoming more visible. Accordion door models also stand out as one of these studies. We can already say that the accordion doors, one of the trend products, will be much more common in the future. In this context, we will present both examples and try to provide information about how you should use accordion doors.

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