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2020 Spacious Living Room Decoration

2020 Spacious Living Room Decoration is among the outstanding decorations of the new season. With its renewed trend every year, stylish and elegant designs are created in home decoration. Colors and new furniture models are becoming new fashion. Everyone wants his house to be perfect. For this reason, the best is preferred. With the new trends of the year, you can eliminate the boring atmosphere of your home.

1- Wooden Cabinets

Reflecting the essence of nature, wood has always been a longing for human beings. Wood, which fascinates people with its visuality and structure, turns into a work of art in cabinets within the 2020 Spacious Living Room Decoration. Wooden products, which are preferred for their dazzling features, are highly appreciated. Wood, which creates an intimate atmosphere where it is located, is among the indispensable ones. The wood material kneaded like dough in the hands of the artist master gains the perfect cupboard feature. The woods preferred in 2020 home decoration will have a more natural look. Reflection of the love of the tree in humans to the cabinets will show itself in the designs of this year.

2- Gray and Sage Green Furniture Will Decorate Our Home

2020 Spacious Living Room Decoration shows that the lively green color will be the trend color in the furniture. The natural image of green and its relaxing atmosphere will be reflected on the furniture. These furniture products, which create the perfect tone of gray and green, will become the most important option for your salons. This new generation of furniture is in harmony with tones. Light and dark colors are used together. The domination of green continues this year. You can find the perfect shades of green together while buying furniture. Gray is preferred as the basic and background color. According to many designers, gray is the furniture color of 2020 compared to green.

3- Curved and Flexible Designs Stand Out in Furniture

Curvature with artistic features is the feature of furniture. Flexible and one-body designs are among the 2020 Roomy Living Room Decoration choices. New generation furniture design is created with its decorative and flexible visual features. Asymmetrical and geometric furniture stand out. Sponges and coatings are designed to be compatible with curved design.

4- Continue Retro Style

Another classic trend of this year is Retro. It is preferred this year as every year. It adds a different atmosphere to the spaces with its nostalgic air. The interest in retro style cabinets and furniture continues this year.

5- Headings with Upholstered Feature

The titles that look like velvet and caress their hearts with their soft features are among the trends of 2020 Spacious Living Room Decoration. Metal and wrought iron designs are replaced by upholstered options this year. French quilted headboards take the lead in this category. This style, which has a color variety, is preferred for its aesthetic visual features.

6- This Year Plants Are Popular

Plants that change the air of your home and add naturalness have become indispensable for 2020 Spacious Living Room Decoration. All kinds of plant options grown in the house in 2020 will add color to the decoration. Thousands of shades of green, which pleases the eye and caress the spirit, will add color to the décor in your home. Plants that grow in pots and enrich the visuality of your room will decorate our rooms this year.

7- Velvet Carpet is Still Fashion

With the reflection of the fashion in the clothes on the carpet, velvet carpets have become a trend since last year. This year, the velvet trend in the carpet will continue. It will increase the aesthetics of your home with its bright and pleasant appearance. Jute and linen fabrics will also be included in the carpet trend. You can find the designs you want in the carpet category with color and pattern options.

8- Black Walls

The wall color of the new year is not only black. Black has become a trend in complementary color. The combination of black-compatible colors is the new wall fashion of this year. Wall patterns are considered along with other decor features. We will see black on the walls of 2020 Spacious Living Room Decoration




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