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Bathroom Renovation and Decoration Examples

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Bathroom renovation is one of the most common issues among home renovations. One of the main reasons that we encounter so often is that there are small and unusable bathrooms in old buildings. Another reason we encounter a lot of bathroom renovations is the rapid wear of the materials and furniture used in the bathroom due to moisture. For this, the subject that must be paid attention during the renovation is choosing the right and quality material. If you choose materials that are suitable for the humidity rate of your bathroom, the amount and size of sunlight it receives during the day and choose compatible furniture and accessories accordingly, your bathroom renovation will be long.

How To Make Bathroom Renovation?

If you have decided to have a bathroom refurbishment, the first thing you will do is to determine the region you will give importance to in the renovation and create a renovation list accordingly. You can start your list with mandatory and urgent areas and continue by deciding whether your bathroom will have a shower or a bathtub. Then, you can choose the material you will use on your floors and walls and determine its color. You can then close your list by continuing with the selection of furniture and accessories. While the bathroom is being renovated, you should think about the floor first, plan the floor and then continue with the walls. You should refresh your tiles beautifully, then choose the color of your walls. Studies such as shower cabin will be carried out accordingly. Shower cabin walls take shape according to the floor you choose. For this reason, you should first design your floors in the bathroom renovation section.

Shower or Bathtub Selection and Decoration Examples in Bathroom Renovation

The most common issue in bathroom renovation is the construction of a shower or a shower cabin. Indispensable in small and useful bathroom types, the shower now appears in almost all houses. In addition, the use of a bathtub is much higher in larger and larger bathrooms. You can provide a unique decoration to your bathroom with bathtubs that can be square, masonry, oval, rectangular or asymmetrical. You can also make your bathtub more useful using the shower curtain or cabin.

Bathroom Renovation, Floor and Wall Selection and Decoration Examples

The first thing to do in bathroom renovation is the choice of the material to be applied to the floor and the wall. Our recommendation for your choice of floor is to use materials that are more moisture resistant and easy to clean. You can use marble and tiles for this. Tiles will be the most useful choice for your walls. You can have a more lively bathroom by using bathroom tile models in different designs, colors and shapes. In addition, if you do not want to choose tiles, you can have the look you want with wallpapers that can be easily wiped.

Cabinet Selection and Decoration Examples in Bathroom Renovation

After making tiles and walls in your bathroom renovation, it is time to choose the wardrobe. When choosing your wardrobes, we recommend that you make a choice according to the size of your bathroom. In small bathrooms, under-tap and behind-mirror cabinet options are among the most used, while in larger bathrooms, you can choose cabinets of various sizes and sizes. While making your wardrobe selection, it will make your job easier to make choices suitable for the color and pattern of your bathroom tiles and walls.

Accessory Selection and Decoration Examples in Bathroom Renovation

In your bathroom renovation, there is a selection of accessories that you will determine according to your taste and needs. You can determine the character of your bathroom by using accessories such as drain ornament, soap dish, brush, baskets of various styles and sizes, mirror models with large and small and flower details. In addition, your accessories will make your bathroom more useful.

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