Decorative Carpet Models

The carpets are the beginning of the decoration items that renew itself every season. The carpets produced with different color patterns and features for each area were started to be produced in the same line this season. Let’s see all the details about the 2019 decorative carpet models together now.

Star Carpets

Generally, starred carpets are preferred in the living rooms of the houses and in the guest rooms. In the middle part, the first option is created as a very modern and aesthetic carpet with a single big star.

In addition, dozens of small stars in the upper part of the carpet is used depending on the periodical and aesthetic dimensions are available. The materials used in these carpets are very durable and long lasting.

Classic Carpet Options with Floral Pattern

Among the decorative carpet models of 2019, floral patterned carpet models take up a wide area. The floral patterned carpets, which are considered and demanded by women as a classic, are another option. Rose, lily and jasmine flowers are used individually or collectively, models with full color can be purchased with discount prices.

Modern Carpet Models

21st century tastes and demands fully adapted to the demands of modern carpets are also included in product catalogs. It is a kind of carpets that are distinguished from their similar ones with their special and beautiful lines. The modern carpets, which have a wide space in 2019 decorative carpet models catalogs, are worth seeing in terms of their patterns and features.

The colors used and the vividness of those colors can help you meet the artistic table needs of your houses through carpets. Fitted with a variety of geometric patterns, these rugs are ideal for homes decorated in a modern line.

Patternless, Plain and Cotton Carpet Preferences

Some may be as simple as possible. For homeowners who think that simplicity contributes to design and decoration integrity, we can recommend the patternless, flat and cotton carpet models. These carpets are generally preferred in offices, hotel lobbies and meeting rooms.

With its cotton and line density design, more than ten color options are offered to buyers. Darker colors such as gray, purple and blue are available for those with a heavier image. At the same time, yellow, green, orange and turquoise with extremely vivid colors such as carpets can be considered as an additional decoration idea. Those who want to ensure the integrity of the color of the decroation in vivid colors can make the study of decorative carpet models.

Carpet Advice for Children and Young Rooms

There are dozens of different carpets that decorate and decorate the rooms for children and young people. Especially preferred for children’s rooms are carpets with butterfly designs. Similarly, carpet options where cute animals are represented by professional lines meet the buyers through affordable prices.

These carpets, which are colored with cats, dogs and animals, are non-slip and easy to clean. There are carpets in the motifs of princess design for girls’ rooms.

3D Carpets

Among the decorative carpet models, three-dimensional carpets are the last. These carpets, which offer a complete visual feast, can turn into an effective accessory in the decoration of both office and home environments together with their extremely realistic lines. Color options include red, yellow, blue, powder and milk blue.

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