In this article, we will give you tips and advice on how to decorate the country style, furniture of this style and the rest of the decoration products in your home.

What is Country Style?

If you like floral patterns, plaid and striped items and furniture, bergers, light and simple wallpapers, fireplaces, stone flooring, or if you are longing for the past, this style might be for you. It can feel like a country house or a mountain house, and can help you relieve the tiredness and stress of the day. Country style is divided into five as American country style furniture, British country style furniture, French country style furniture, rustic country style furniture, shaker country style furniture in itself. most rustic French style and is known in Turkey. French style is commonly used pine and oak. Large dining tables and colorful chairs, white linen curtains are also a distinctive feature of French-style country style. The rustic country style uses plenty of pillows and very comfortable armchairs, while the English style uses roses, books, candles and beige, white or cream wallpapers that make up a whole.

How to Decorate Country Furniture?

Country furniture is the kind of furniture that combines old and new. Wood-carved furniture is often used in this style, and oak, walnut, hornbeam, spruce, maple and fir trees are often used to make these furniture. While the furniture is being made, the structure of the tree is preserved so that a very simple and natural item emerges. Country-style furniture is often used in the decoration of the living room, but we recommend you to be careful about it because if you have too many flower-patterned furniture in your furniture, it will make you tired and make you feel like you have too many things at home. That’s why we recommend you to pay attention to the number of floral furniture in your home. Plaid and striped patterns as well as floral patterns are often used in this style. If you use a soft-colored wallpaper and plaid and striped patterns, a nice image will come out.

Cream, beige, brown, mustard, khaki green and fuchsia, purple and cream colors are used in the country furniture upholstery. When you make your bedroom according to this style, using floral bed linen will make you feel like a country house. If you start your curtains from the ceiling instead of starting from the end of the glass and hang it on a wooden cane, you will turn your house into a country house. In the kitchen decoration you can use a large dining table and wood tones while decorating the country style. Usually using dark wood colors can make the room suffocating, so using both light and dark wood tones will look more elegant and will not drown your room. However, you can use chandeliers in your dining room, which look old and natural. If you want to keep both durable and country-style items in your home’s garden or terrace, you can use bamboo or wicker garden and terrace items. In the bathroom decoration, you can use aged cabinets and marble surfaces. After decorating your country style home, if you want the lighting to complete this style, it will be really nice to use straw lightings made of rope with tumbled look. Besides, floral patterned lampshades or table lamps can be a great idea.